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To make known the love of Jesus Christ by word and deed
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About Hearsall

Baptist churches reflect freedom of conscience. Whilst we share a core belief in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, we also value differing perspectives. As the world at large throws tricky challenges to churches, we find that we don’t always see everything the same way. But that’s fine because by listening to each other we are more able to develop a healthy and holistic response to the issues of the day.

So if you want pre-packaged answers to every question, you might be happier elsewhere. But if you enjoy reflecting on a wider Christian perspective you might feel more at home. The world view released by the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the impact of spending cuts, a dilemma explored in a soap opera, the moral challenge of global poverty - these are all topics we might consider in the context of worship and discussion.

Whilst we deeply respect those who have walked a different path, we practice believer’s baptism in our large indoor pool. This shows that each person makes their own mind up about whether or not they’re Christians. A baptism like that is a vivid and powerful expression of a person’s deep-rooted commitment to be part of God’s great plan in building a kingdom of justice and peace. Look out for the next one!

We especially welcome children to our services. We might have a children’s story or song, there’s also an area for babies and toddlers at the back of the main sanctuary - all these activities operate within our robust child protection policy.

Naturally we work with other Christians, if good stuff is going on we like to get involved. So we belong to Churches Together in Earlsdon and Chapelfields, the Heart of England Baptist Association and the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Our premises are used by a wide range of community groups and we run a lunch club for older people every Wednesday. We also have a weekly Bible study group and support various uniformed organisations.

Justice and peace matter to us and we keenly support Christian Aid. We also have an interest in a Hope for the Nations village in Malawi and would like to develop our understanding of this country as a focus for prayer, campaigning and action.

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